The Name Itachuna is of a place in Hooghly ,West bengal,India. A small town about 55 km from Kolkata city.

It was a sleepy town which had peace almost for 300 years. Partly because of the Zamindars or land owner’ :Sri Naryan Kundu.

It was also famous for the Itachuna Rajbari.  The residence of the Zamindar or elected ruler’ of the British Monarchy during British times.

The Itachuna Rajbari was known as Bargee Danga’. A term from the Bargees’ dacoits who used to invade Bengal. The Maratha warriors used to attack Bengal after fall of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb.

One family called Kundans’ decided to stay.

The Itachuna Rajbari Palace was built by one of the Kundan called Sri Naryan Kundu in 1766. They later became a benevolent dicator with a ‘limited iron hand’ to the people of Itachuna.


They made few in valuable contributions:

  • A establishment of  school
  • A establishment of  college :Bejoy_Narayan_Mahavidyalaya  College website:   -1950.
  • Basic Training  College
  • A good road from once Itachuna Village to train stattion Khanyan was built around 1950s. Khanyan was a train station and still is connected to Kolkata by train station Howrah. The station where King of Bengali Cinema: Uttam Kumar stopped for shooting film Nayak.  (43:03 minutes).

The Zamindars or Nobles   were known as Babus.

Lot of TV serials are shot there in the Itachuna Rajbari Palace.

There is not much history about this family but lot of credit is due to the Kundu family. Presently their estate Itachuna Raj Bari is an expensive guest house where you can experience living in grand Palace for few nights .

These were built by the Zamindars at a time access to these services in Hooghly,India was non existent.

Itachuna is located in Hooghly District in West Bengal ,India.


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