Itachuna College Alumni

Itachuna is small town located in Hooghly, West Bengal,India. It was founded by the zamindars of that area. Unknown to lots of people : Hooghly , part of West Bengal ,India was founded around 1600 by the Portuguese. Hooghly from 1600-1950 was home few European Powers : Portuguese English Danish French   Itachuna College  commonly […]

Shopping Online

Now days it is best to shop online and stay at home as much as possible. People are surfing internet and buying from ECommerce sites. Sure there is and FlipKart. Bill Gates ,the founder of Microsoft had said several years ago. If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be […]


Bandel  is town located near Kolkata or Calcutta. It is found on way from Hooghly to Kolkata. The train station of Kolkata for trains going out side Kolkata is Howrah.Its a spectacular sight,but it is not the topic of our post. It is like any other small town in Hooghly District to most people living […]