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Itachuna College Alumni

Itachuna is small town located in Hooghly, West Bengal,India. It was founded by the zamindars of that area.

Unknown to lots of people :

Hooghly , part of West Bengal ,India was founded around 1600 by the Portuguese.

Hooghly from 1600-1950 was home few European Powers :

  • Portuguese
  • English
  • Danish
  • French


Itachuna College  commonly known college is located in Itachuna, Hooghly, West Bengal.

It was established by the (ex) Zamindars of Itachuna.  They were known as Babus. Formally Kundus of a Maratha invaders of Bengal.

The ancestor of this family took an initiate to make progress the village he stayed in ,unlike other Zamindars.

His name Safallya Narayan Kundu and in 1766 built Itachuna Rajbari.


Lot of other improvements were done:

  • Establishment of Itachuna College or Bejoy Narayan Mahavidyalaya in 1950
  • Establishment of Roads from Itachuna Rajbari to Khanyan Train station. The station where great Bengali actor Uttam Kumar in his film Nayak drank a cup of tea. Most of the roads in that rea in the 50’s were muddy. But these were modern black roads. This enabled communication and many intelligent students from nearby villages came and studied in Itachuna College,later being great professionals
  • Establishment of Basic Training College for training teachers.
  • .Establishment of Primary School.


Thus Itachuna was a known name in Hooghly. The locals thought themselves as elite. So most of the people who did well in studies and professionally were from nearby Villages or far. In comparison youth of Itachuna did not take this opportunity.


The College teaches under graduate courses:

  • BA
  • BSC

Link of college:https://www.bnmv.ac.in/about_college.php


The site Itachuna.com is about Itachuna and has a directory for Itachuna Alumni.


Any Itachuna  College Alumni can email us at :info@itachuna.com to be listed in the site. Other Alumnis can find you easily.





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