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Shopping Online

Shopping  Online
Ecommerce Shopping

Now days it is best to shop online and stay at home as much as possible. People are surfing internet and buying from ECommerce sites. Sure there is Amazon.com and FlipKart.

Bill Gates ,the founder of Microsoft had said several years ago.

If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.


Bill Gates

This was said several years ago. Now in COVID-19 ,it makes sense. The Only business are doing  good are online business.

Being online means having a site and maintain it. It means there is a cost attached to it in maintenance. But it is less than maintenance of an actual business .


The Benefits in being online:

  • Wider Audience
  • Selectively and precise target customers
  • Carry out business sitting at home.
  • Make more money.

Thing is website development is a hassle and time consuming.


Alternative is connect with sites like Itachuna.com .

What you give:

  • Store Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • WhatsApp
  • Fb Page
  • Logo Design
  • Product Names
  • Pictures

In Case You require assistance for Logo Design ,Pictures ,FB page,etc .Ask us for consultancy by emailing us.:info@lesgo.in

We at Itachuna can setup a store for you for selling products .

Have a Look at our demo store:

Store List


But before submitting these items you have to submit:

  • Store License Photocopy(if physical store)
  • PAN Card No
  • 2 ppt pics
  • Agreeing to our terms and conditions.

For details you have to mail :info@lesgo.in. Address Mr Rahul.

LesGo maintains itachuna.com with office in 24 Paraganas.


Category of Vendors:(Home delivery)

  • Sweets(home delivery)
  • Clothes
  • Books



Itachuna .com offers the following Store Package:

  • SetUp Cost:Free(provided you give items )
  • Flat rate of monthly :2000 RS monthly or sales commission.
  • Advance of 5000 RS is to be given and will be returned once you no longer want Our services in any way.


  • West Bengal
  • Hooghly
  • Burdwan
  • Kolkata

Call Mr Rahul :

+9179783887  or Email us :info@lesgo.in.


Fb page:




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